Fedrs Stripe Blue honey moon
Fedrs stripe blue speed up
Stripe blue cherry field
Stripe blue berry madness
Stripe blue snowflakes
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Stripe (Blue) - 5 Flavours

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Do you remember the feeling when the first snowflake touched your nose? Even if you aren’t, this snowy cupid will remind you of this feeling of freshness. But he never forgot his love affairs. That's why these peppermint pouches are charged with passionate fortune and loving success. And don't forget the chill effect! Snowflakes are not only cooling, but also pleasantly relaxing. Try it!

Honey Moon by FEDRS based on true feelings! Sweet, sugar and honey melon hides behind this intriguing name. Mmm… Just look at how juicy lips lick this lunar chupa-chups. The fruity pleasure has never been so intense and enjoyable. Your mouth's watering just looking at it!

Don’t be terrified! Just be CHERRYFIED! We came up with a delicious alternative to be more expressive. Cherryfied by FEDRS is a rich sweetness and juiciness from cherry in combination with the cooling freshness from ic menthol.

Find the hidden fury energy in yourself! Speed Up by FEDRS is a big sip of energy drink, only cooler. Don't forget to check out the speedy turtle on the top of the can. Even it speeds up with this flavour. Free yourself from the limits – launch high into space, as if on rocket fuel!

Are you feeling blue now? Blueberry Madness by FEDRS created to pick up your sad thoughts! This sweet berry flavour will cheer you up and you'll forget all about sadness in no time. Stop faffing around, charge you with crazy creativity!

Too good to be true.

All 5 Stripe Blue products in the one designed bundle.

Collect a complete set of unique characters and treat yourself with delicious flavour to discover the perfect combination that will suit your taste and mood.

Stripe Snowflakes — favorite mint
Stripe Speed up! — energy drink
Stripe Berry madness — blueberry
Stripe Honey moon — melon
Stripe Cherryfied — cherry, mint

Nicotine strength: 10 mg/p

Add more bright stripes to your life!