Stripe Red Sugar pine
Stripe red blizzard
Stripe red frosty vine
Stripe Red citrus cloud
Stripe Red summer vibe
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Stripe (Red) - 5 Flavours

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Do you like strength and power? What do these two privileges have in common? Strength of mind, of course! Refreshingly strong mint is definitely not for the wimps. Only the strongest can resist. Become the ice king and conquer the snowy peaks. Just try it and turn into the lord of blizzard!

Are you crazy about something sweet, juicy and refreshing all at once? Ice cream, melon and strawberry notes are mixed in a bright summer combination for you! It's like a delicious dessert at your favourite coffee shop. Hang out with your friends and Summer vibe by FEDRS!

Just imagine… the icy grapes burst from your teeth and fill your mouth with juiciness. Are you already trembling before this feeling? That looks like our new flavour – Frosty Vine by FEDRS. We know what will make your knees shake a lot!

Do you think that a gentle cloud is something from childhood? Maybe. But Citrus Сloud is sassy and provocative. At one moment it can rain down with an orange and milky cream shower. Seize the day and get ready for an extreme!

Sometimes you need a little time alone and want to get away into the woods and like the Grinch, don't you? Take a break from the city — get a charge of oxygen as if you were in a coniferous forest! Sugar Pine by FEDRS absorbed all the best from the wild forest. In and out. Get a charge of fresh air. Do you feel euphoria? Just in and out with Sugar Pine.